Community Action's Board of Directors

Community Action is led by Executive Director Clare Higgins, and is governed by a eighteen Board of Directors. One-third (6) of the members of the Board live with lower incomes and are elected by residents living with lower incomes in Franklin and Hampshire Counties. These seats give people with lower incomes a direct voice in shaping Community Action's policies and programs. The other tweleve Board members represent public officials and organizations from the private sector.

This configuration provides the opportunity for needs and priorities to be established by peers of those participating in our programs. In this way, decisions about programs that address poverty are moved out of the political arena and back to the people who are most affected. At the same time, private and public representatives gain a clearer understanding of the issues confronting those who use our services.

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If you would like to learn more about our Board of Directors or would like to join our Board, please contact Jessye Deane, Communications & Executive Manager, at 413-376-1165.