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Thanks to everyone who made the Food for Good conference a terrific success!

The Food for Good Conference held on October 30, 2015, was inspired by Congressman James McGovern's  tireless advocacy on behalf of lower-income Americans who struggle to meet their families' basic nutrition needs every day, and by the everyday debates and decisions, triumphs and frustrations that we face in the field as we  stretch resources and forge new partnerships to provide ample, healthy food for our communities. The conference is the result of efforts by a steering committee of anti-hunger leaders and service providers across the state.

Materials from the Conference:

Conference Packet:



Promising Practices


Eos Foundation Nourishing Kids Initiative

Top Ten Reasons to Try BIC

Food Assistance Programs in Massachusetts FY 2014

FINI: Massachusetts Healthy Initiatives Program (HIP)

Supporting Funding for the Massachusetts Food Trust Program

Healthy Food Access to Your Local Food Co-op

Berkshire Photographic Essay on Food Insecurity

Bill Emerson Food Donation Act

Links to Resources

Opening Panel:

The Scope of Food Insecurity in Massachusetts: Sarah Cluggish, Project Bread

Ending Hunger in the U.S.: Ellen Vollinger, FRAC

Morning Plenary:

Massachusetts Food System Plan: Winton Pitcoff, Massachusetts Food System Plan

“Follow the Money”: Close the “SNAP Gap” for Low Income Households in Massachusetts: Pat Baker, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

MLRI Testimony in Support of H.429 and S.94

Healthy Incentives Program (HIP): Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) Grant Program: Frank Martinez Nocito, MA Department of Transitional Assistance

The Massachusetts Food Trust Program: Opportunities to Promote Health & Economic Development: Maddie Ribble, Massachusetts Public Health Association

Morning Workshops:

1)   Initiatives to Increase Federal Nutrition Benefits for Low-Wage Working Families, Low-Income Students and Unemployed Individuals

SNAP Work Program for Able Bodied Adults without Dependents: Lauren Arms Ledwith, Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance

2)   Bringing Healthier Food Choices and Nutrition Education to Public Schools

Massachusetts Farm to School: Lisa Damon, Massachusetts Farm to School

3)   Local Solutions for Accessing Healthy Food in Under-Served Communities

4)   Increasing Food Security by Increasing Household Economic Security

Inequality and Public Policy: Building a Better Future Together: Kurt Wise, Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center

The Food System: Cui Bono?: Helen Scharber, Hampshire College

Afternoon Workshops:

1)   Initiatives to Increase Access to Federal Nutrition Benefits and Innovative Programs for Elders and People with Disabilities

Hunger Hurts. We Can Help: Utilizing Federal Food Programs to End Hunger in Eastern Massachusetts: Brittany Mangini, The Greater Boston Food Bank

Food Dollars Program: Barbara Rougier, ABCD Boston

Food Is Medicine: Jean Terranova, Community Services

Food is Medicine Description

2)   Maximizing the Use of School Meal Programs

3)   Engaging Health Care Providers and Institutions in Fostering Access to Healthy Food and Improved Nutrition

Food Insecurity Screening and the Farm-to-Health Center Initiative: Melanie Gnazzo, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Elizabeth Rosen, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Alicia Cianciola, Community Harvest Project

4)   Strategies to Overcome Transportation Barriers to Food Access

Next Steps Presentation

"Ending hunger shouldn't be a controversial thing. It shouldn't be something that we ignore but, rather, a goal that we embrace. Unlike ending war, ending hunger is an achievable goal. It's something we can do if we muster the political will to do so."
Congressman James McGovern, June 2014

For more information, contact Holly Kosisky at or 413-376-1179


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