Resources for Basic Needs

All people have the right to food, clothing, shelter, warmth, and medical care. Because costs are so high, many in our community have to sacrifice one necessity for another- rent vs. food, heat vs. needed medication. Community Action can help.

Adult Education

Moving ahead with your life goals requires education and good work skills. Community Action’s commitment is to those who need adult basic education and basic job skills as the foundation for further growth.

Child Care & Head Start

Quality child care nurtures children's development and allows parents to work or attend school without worrying about their children's well-being. Community Action helps parents find and pay for child care and provides high quality, licensed care for hundreds of children each day.

Home Energy Assistance

In New England, heating expenses are a big part of anyone’s budget, whether you rent or own your home. Community Action can help you heat your home and reduce home energy costs by installing insulation and fixing or replacing heating systems.

Food and Nutrition

Good food is the basis of good health. Through its food pantries and WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program, Community Action supplies healthy food and educates participants how to maintain good nutrition on a tight budget.   

Conflict Resolution

Often the best route to resolving conflict – whether it’s in a family, or between a tenant and landlord, or among co-workers – is to have a neutral third party help people develop an agreement that everyone considers fair and realistic. Community Action trains people in mediation skills and provides affordable mediation services in many settings in the community.

Money Management

Knowing how to manage money is a skill everyone needs but few are taught. Especially when money is tight, keeping your budget under control and navigating the financial system can be tough. Community Action can help you learn how to manage your finances, file your taxes, and save for your future.

Healing From Trauma

Trauma can be caused by many things – a drunk driving accident, robbery, sexual assault, child abuse – and it can have a long-lasting and serious impact. Community Action offers compassionate support and concrete resources for people who have experienced trauma so that they can heal at their own pace and in their own way.

Family Support

Parenting is a tough and rewarding job. All parents need support and encouragement. Community Action offers playgroups, family activities, parenting education, and support for many kinds of parents and caregivers. 

Youth Programs

Community Action Youth Programs inspires emerging leaders to be their very best. Our free youth development programs focus on leadership development, community service, employment readiness, and diversity support.