Mission and Vision

Our Mission
Community Action of the Franklin, Hampshire, and North Quabbin Regions is dedicated to promoting economic justice and improving the quality of life for people with lower incomes.

Our Values
We believe that we can accomplish this mission only when our activities are directed by and inclusive of people with lower incomes. Our efforts will be in response to local needs, conducted with an awareness of national trends and policies, organized within strong community-wide partnerships, and respectful of and sensitive to the diversity and strengths of all community members.

Our Approach
We accomplish our mission by:
• Offering support services and providing for basic needs to which all people have a right.
• Developing opportunities for people with lower incomes.

• Increasing public awareness about the challenges that many people with lower incomes face.
• Ensuring that people with lower incomes provide the leadership in the decisions that affect their lives.
• Engaging many voices in promoting human rights and economic justice.
• Advocating for policies that help and taking a stand against policies that hurt those living with lower incomes.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be part of a powerful grassroots movement which will alter social policy and eliminate the need for our agency. Our vision includes a community that is safe and supportive, where differences are celebrated and accepted, where everyone has enough to eat, homes are affordable, jobs are available that pay a living wage, schools are safe and welcoming for families and children, the divide between rich and poor is eliminated, children are nurtured and protected and all community members achieve their potential and prosper in the fullness of life. In the absence of this achievement, we affirm the importance of supporting and defending a social safety net.