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Community Action is a proud member of the Put Massachusetts Kids First Coalition, a broad-based coalition of more than two dozen organizations across the Commonwealth focused on improving outcomes for children by stabilizing and strengthening our workforce. 

With more than 11 Head Start and Early Head Start sites across the valley, we here at Community Action understand the important impact early education and out of school care has for our children. Results from countless studies and research backs up our understanding that state investment in quality early education and out-of-school-time programs makes a critical difference for our kids.

But in Massachusetts, over the past 15 years, there has been a loss of $114 million in state support for early education and after-school education. This decrease has resulted in a reduction in the quality and availability of services that our children deserve.  In the past few years, 20 percent of community-based early education providers have closed because of a lack of support from the state.

We see first-hand how quality infant, toddler and preschool programs can make a difference, as do quality afterschool and summer programs. A serious investment in centers providing this educational foundation for children is long overdue.

As part of the Put Massachusetts Kids First coalition, we are advocating to the Governor and state legislators for new investment in our children by supporting a consistent and highly skilled workforce. Research shows us that learning starts at birth, and the achievement gap begins for lower-income children before they begin kindergarten. Therefore, this segment of our education pipeline is critical.  It is not an extra, nor optional.

Visit the Put Massachusetts Kids First website to find out more about our coalition and what we are advocating.

To get involved contact Jessye Deane, Communications & Executive Manager,
at 413-376-1165 or jdeane@communityaction.us