Upcoming Trainings & Events


July 27, 2016     6:00-9:00 pm
Northampton, MA

TMTC staff members Caitlin Reed and Lea Occhialini lead this exploration of issues that come up in small claims/community and divorce/family mediation cases. TMTC mediators' feedback gave us the impetus for this workshop, where we take real-life scenarios and work through the questions, issues and dynamics that arise with colleagues and coordinators who are handling the same kind of cases. The group will be divided based on people's area of practice, and attendees will be invited to submit scenarios they've experienced for possible use during the workshop.  Participants will be given the opportunity to practice actual language and approaches to each scenario.

Fees are $15 for active TMTC roster mediators ($10 if SJC-qualified), and $30 for other mediators.  Attendance is open to any mediator who has taken a Basic Mediation training course.*

(Learning, Review and Practice Group
based on the NVC Work of Marshall Rosenberg)
Introductory Session:  Sept. 12, 2016, 10:00 am -12:00 pm
Greenfield, MA

If you want to communicate more authentically, get to the heart of conflict, stay connected with others even when you differ, understand the anger and upset of yourself and others, know what you need and how to ask for it ... come to this free introductory sessio to see if this hands-on, interactive workshop is for you.  It's open to those new to NVC as well as seaoned NVCers who want to deepen their practice.  The 7-session workshop which follows the introductory session will meet Mondays on September 19 and 26; October 3, 17, 24 and 31; and November 7, all 10 to noon in Greenfield.  A sliding scale donation of $145-195 is requested for the 7-week workshop.  

For more information or to register for the FREE MONDAY SEPT. 12 INTRODUCTORY SESSION, contact Susan Hackney at hackneys@juno.com  Susan Hackney, former TMTC staff member and mediator, interpersonal communications trainer for over 25 years and nonviolent communication (NVC) practitioner for approximately 10 years, is leading the workshop.

October 14, 15, 21 & 22, 2016
(Optional Oct. 29 session)
8:30 am - 5:30 pm each day
Northampton, MA

This interactive, practic-based training is open to anyone wishing to increase their ability to deal with conflict or help others work through conflict.  Learn simple steps for dealing with fights or disagreements effectively, and gain skills and confidence in handling, and helping others manage, challenging situations.  Whether you intend to be a formal mediator or just want to develop skills you can use in other professional and personal situations, basic mediation training is a great place to start!

Our training features lively lectures and discussion sessions, experiential skills practice, and mediation role-plays where you'll get individualized feedback from experienced trainers and coaches. Manual, refreshments, and social work CECs or MA or VT CLEs are included in the fee. Our participants love the supportive and fun learning environment we create, and they consistently give excellent evaluations for the effectiveness of TMTC's training.

We have two Basic Mediation Training options:

Option A (32 hours):  Meets Massachusetts requirements for basic mediation training.  Includes coached role-plays; mediation demonstration; exploration of conflict, alternative dispute resolution and mediation process; skills practice; and discussion of bias, power imbalance, cultural diversity and mediator ethics.  Early registration fee (before 9/15/2016) - $650; registration after 9/15/2016 - $690.

Option B (40 hours):  32-hour training (Option A above), plus 8 additional hours on October 29.  Includes additional demonstration, role-plays and skills practice.  Many states and programs are adopting and/or requiring 40 hours of basic mediation training; participant evaluations for our shorter training consistently include requests for more role-play, practice and demo time. Early registration fee (before 9/15/2016) - $800; registration after 9/15/2016 - $840.

For additional information, see our brochure, or please call 413-475-1505 or email mediation@communityaction.us.*


November 16, 2016     6-8 pm
Greenfield, MA

Any mediator who wishes to handle small claims, family, or other court-referred cases is required to take a Massachusetts Court Orientation training.  TMTC staff will present this training, providing an overview of the Massachusetts court system and focusing on the forms and procedures specific to small claims mediators.  Fee is $15 for mediators who took Basic Mediation Training with TMTC, and $30 for other mediators.  For more information, call 413-475-1505 or email mediation@communityaction.us. (Online and registration available soon.)