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 We'd love to have you join us for a TMTC workshop or event. Please check back for updates, or contact us to be added to our email lists (mediation@communityaction.us). Full listings follow, with events organized by date (nearest at the top).

TMTC Workshops, trainings:

  • Basic Mediation Training (Sep-Nov 2017)
  • Other workshops open to the public: Introduction to Mediation Training (Sept 2017), Facilitating Difficult Conversations (Sept 2017)
  • Mediator workshops: Gender and Mediation (Oct 2017), Intensive Mediation Practice (Nov 2017), Court Orientation (Nov 2017)

Workshop series offered by TMTC trainers:  Community and Connection: Learning, Review and Prctice Group based on the Nonviolent Communication work of Marshall Rosenberg (Susan Hackney, Sept - Nov 2017)


September 12, 2017     6-8 pm
56 Vernon Street, Northampton, MA
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 If you've ever wondered about becoming a mediator or taking mediation training, this free introductory session is a great opportunity to try it out.  We'll cover approaches to conflict, the power of clear communication and good listening, and practice some simple steps for dealing with conflict. Whether you're interested in handling personal disagreements better or managing professional interactions more effectively, this introductory workshop is a good first step. No prerequisites, no fee - additional details will be provided once you register. For more information, call 413-475-1505 or email mediation@communityaction.us.

 (Learning, Review and Practice Group
based on the NVC Work of Marshall Rosenberg)
Free Introductory Session:  Sept. 13, 2017, 10:00 am -12:00 pm
Greenfield, MA

If you want to communicate more authentically, get to the heart of conflict, stay connected with others even when you differ, understand the anger and upset of yourself and others, know what you need and how to ask for it ... come to this free introductory sessio to see if this hands-on, interactive workshop is for you.  It's open to those new to NVC as well as seaoned NVCers who want to deepen their practice.  The 7-session workshop which follows the introductory session will meet Wednesdays on September 20 and 27; October 4, 11, 18 and 25; and November 1, all 10 to noon in Greenfield.  A sliding scale donation of $145-195 is requested for the 7-week workshop. Individuals taking the workshop for the second time and couples taking the course together receive a 10% discount.

For more information or to register for the FREE WEDNESDAY SEPT. 13 INTRODUCTORY SESSION, contact Susan Hackney at hackneys@juno.com. Susan Hackney is a mediator, coach and former TMTC staff member, and has worked as an interpersonal communications trainer for over 25 years and nonviolent communication (NVC) practitioner for approximately 10 years.

Fall 2017 Evenings (4:00-8:30 pm):
9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 10/30, 11/7 and 11/14
(Additional full-day for 40-hour training on 11/18/17)
As of 10/3 held at Greenfield Community College main campus - maps, directions (http://www.gcc.mass.edu/maps/ )
N250 Humanities Studio

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This 32- or 40-hour interactive, practice-based training is open to anyone wishing to increase their ability to deal with conflict or help others work through conflict.  Learn simple steps for dealing with fights or disagreements effectively, and gain skills and confidence in handling, and helping others manage, challenging situations.  

Our training features lively lectures and sessions, experiential skills practice, and mediation role-plays where you'll get individualized feedback from experienced trainers and coaches.  Manual, refreshments, and social work CECs or MA or VT attorney CLEs are included in the fee. Our participants love the supportive and fun learning environment we create, and they consistently give excellent evaluations for the effectiveness of TMTC's training. Whether you intend to be a formal mediator, or just want to develop skills you can use in other professional and personal situations, basic mediation training is a great place to start.

Register for just Tuesday (and one Monday) evenings to meet requirements for a basic 32-hour mediation training; add the full-day 11/18 Saturday session for a 40-hour mediation training and additional demonstrations, role-plays and skills practice (participant evaluations for our shorter training consistently include requests for this, and our 40-hour participants have been very happy with the extra practice).

Minimum enrollment required.* For the 32-hour training, fees are $700 (before August 25, 2017, early registration fee $650); for the 40-hour training, fees are $850 (before August 25, 2017, early registration fee $800). Limited scholarship support available (please contact us for details). For more information, see our brochure, call 413-475-1505 or email mediation@communityaction.us.


September 27, 2017     9:00-3:30
Holyoke, MA

In this Human Services Forum workshop led by TMTC trainer Debbie Lynangale we’ll learn techniques for setting up and preparing for difficult workplace conversations, conveying tough messages and receiving challenging feedback, and harnessing the creative energy that conflict can bring to any organization. Together, we’ll share what we know, learn and practice new techniques, and explore ways of dealing with challenging workplace dynamics. Registration and additional information through the Human Services Forum: http://www.humanserviceforum.org/event/facilitating-difficult-conversations-with-ease-effectiveness/


October 18, 2017     6-9 pm
Northampton, MA
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Do men and women think about the origins of conflict and the benefits of particular conflict resolution approaches differently? To what degree do they choose different communication tools or language? And what about transgender individuals and those who think of gender as non-binary (more complex than just man vs. woman) - what changes in language or framing are needed to embrace and fully serve our communities? Join TMTC staff, trainers and consultants as we together explore these questions, and consider how new conceptions of gender might change our language and behaviors in a mediation session. Fees are $15 for active TMTC roster mediators** ($10 if SJC-qualified), and $30 for other mediators.  Minimum enrollment required.* For more information, call 413-475-1505 or email mediation@communityaction.us.


November 18, 2017     8:30 am -5:30 pm
Greenfield, MA

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Join us for an intensive day of practice, including demonstrations by experienced mediatiors, roleplays and skills practice - a great way to refresh your skills if you've been away from mediating for awhile, or to get more practice with issues like strategic direction within a mediation, leading transitions, and deep listening. Prerequisite: Basic Mediation Training.  Fee is $120 for mediators who have taken TMTC's Basic Mediation Training, and $160 for other mediators.  (For those who may have done this training previously, please note that some of this workshop's design and content are new - we welcome "repeat" participants and questions about content and approach.)

November 29, 2017     6-8 pm
Greenfield, MA

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Any mediator who wishes to handle small claims, family, or other court-referred cases is required to take a Massachusetts Court Orientation training.  TMTC staff will present this training, providing an overview of the Massachusetts court system and focusing on the forms and procedures specific to small claims mediators.  Fee is $15 for mediators who took Basic Mediation Training with TMTC, and $30 for other mediators.*  For more information, call 413-475-1505 or email mediation@communityaction.us.


* Training Registration Notes:  Minimum enrollment required to run this training; space is limited. We will send additional logistical and other details on the event by email a few days prior to the training session. We request that if you register for a TMTC event, you make every effort to attend the event for which you signed up, and that you notify us as soon as possible of any last-minute emergencies that come up.  For cancellations within 24 hours of the event, or for no-shows, we reserve the right to charge a $10 cancellation fee for weekday workshops and 10% of fees for longer trainings (Basic Mediation Training, Intensive Mediation Practice, etc.).

** "Active" in this context means that someone accepted to TMTC's volunteer roster has been scheduled to mediate with TMTC at least twice in the last six months.