The Weatherization program is available for both homeowners and renters who receive Fuel Assistance. Using local licensed contractors, the program provides free major improvements, such as attic and wall insulation, air sealing, and other energy-saving repairs.

Community Action technicians perform an energy audit of the home or apartment, assign a local conservation contractor, and inspect all work prior to the agency paying the contractor. If work is to be done on a rental property, Community Action, the landlord, and the tenant sign a three-party agreement.

Requests for Weatherization are taken as part of the Fuel Assistance application process, and customers are placed on a waiting list with priority given to homes with unusually high energy costs, or households that include elderly or handicapped residents, or children under the age of six. Customers are contacted when they are next on the list.

For more information, please call Community Action Energy Programs at:
413-774-2310 or 800-370-0940

Community Action Energy Programs
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