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Employee Benefits

Community Action is pleased to offer a comprehensive benefits package, including competitive insurance premiums.  Coverage is available to regular employees scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week and premiums are pro-rated for those working between 20-29 hours per week. Most benefits are available for an employee’s family, which may include a domestic partner.


HEALTH INSURANCE:  For those working 30 or more hours per week the agency pays 80% of the plan premium for our core plan.  The core plan is HNE’s Essential 3000 HMO.  Community Action also pays the first 50% of the deductible for each plan through an embedded HRA account.

DENTAL INSURANCE: For those working 30 or more hours per week, Community Action pays 50% of the premium for dental insurance.  Community Action offers two dental plans. 


Community Action currently has a private plan and shares the premium for this with the employee. The employee's share is not greater than the tax with the state plan. Provides  job and benefit protected leave with a pay benefit for leave related on an employee's serious health condition, or the need to care for a family member with a serious health condition.

LONG-TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE:  Long-term pays up to 60% of wages.  Payment is dependent on claim approval.


RETIREMENT PLAN: Employees meeting plan eligibility requirements may participate in Community Action’s Retirement plan offered through Principal.  Once an eligible employee has completed their initial 12 months of employment with at least 1,000 hours worked OR works at least 1,000 hours during a subsequent plan year.  Community Action will match employee contributions, up to 3% of salary and the plan has immediate vesting.


FLEXIBLE SPENDING PLANS: Employees may contribute pre-tax dollars to a Medical or Dependent Care FSA. Contributions of up to $2,850 per plan year are permitted for the Medical FSA and up to $5,000 per plan year for the Dependent Care FSA.  These funds can be used for qualified out-of- pocket medical (co-pays, deductibles, glasses, contacts, etc.) and/or dependent care expenses. A carryover of up to $570 is allowed for the Medical FSA. One can save approximately 20% on eligible out-of-pocket expenses, depending on individual tax rate. 

VISION INSURANCE FROM EYEMED: Employees may enroll in the vision plan offered by EyeMed.  The cost of this plan is paid 100% by the employee and Community Action is pleased to offer this insurance at a group rate and on a pre-tax basis.


VACATION/PERSONAL TIME/PAID HOLIDAYS: Community Action offers generous time off in the form of accrued time and paid holidays.  A full-time employee initially accrues 15 vacation days, 4 float days- personal days over a one-year period. Additionally, the agency recognizes 12.5 paid holidays. That is a possible 31.5 days of paid time off!  Vacation accrual rates increase after 3, 5 & 10 years of service. Employees are encouraged to schedule time away from work. Unused vacation time carries over. If one reaches 5 weeks of accrued time, accruals will stop, until time is used.  Any unused balance is paid out when employment ends.


OTHER PAID TIME OFF: Regular employees accrue sick leave equivalent to 12 days per year.  Unused sick accruals carry over to a maximum of 262.50 hours and can be beneficial to replace income if a medical leave is needed. Additionally, paid leave may be available for certain Bereavement and Civil Leave situations.



As a Community Action employee, you are eligible to receive discounted memberships and rates at various businesses. 

  • Access to Guidance Resources by Compsych.  

  • WellCents financial wellness tools and counseling 

  • Charge Nutrition Counseling – available at no cost with most insurance plans 

  • Group discount on auto and home (renter) insurance from Whalen Insurance 

  • Discounted membership to B.J.’s Wholesale Club 

  • Qualifying employer for Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

  • Springfield College Grants 

  • Discounted rates for T-Mobile  

To learn more about our benefit options, please call: 413-376-1137


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