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Every three years, Community Action completes a comprehensive community needs assessment and internal evaluation. We then base our three-year agency plan on the information we uncover. The resulting strategic plan provides a touch point for us as we move Community Action forward.

Our most recent community needs assessment was completed in December 2020 and incorporates the input of hundreds of community members with low incomes, staff, and partner agencies. This needs assessment is the only document of its kind, the only local source of information about what it’s like to live in our region and struggle to get by. 

You are welcome to use the information it contains. We do ask that you give an attribution to Community Action. If you reproduce any charts from the assessment, please use color; they are not easily readable in black and white. For ease of navigation, the table of contents of the assessment contains links to each section of the report. Click on the page number of the section you want to navigate to. 

If you have any questions about the data or survey instruments, please contact:

Rebecca Himlin 

Director of Planning & Resource Development