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Electric Efficiency Audits

The Electric Efficiency Program trains Fuel Assistance participants to reduce electric usage and provides in-home auditing, and light bulb and refrigerator/freezer replacements. Through a home visit, our Community Action technicians conduct audits, train homeowners, and replace inefficient light bulbs, lamps, refrigerators and/or freezers with more efficient models, all free of charge for Fuel Assistance clients.

This program is funded by Eversource and National Grid. Eversource’s program focuses on installing LED and CFL light bulbs and testing refrigerators and freezers and air conditioners for possible replacement. National Grid’s program does the same, while adding a complete audit of all electric usage and produces a computer generated report that shows the customer where their electric costs are coming from.

Fuel Assistance clients and those receiving a low-income discount rate on their electric bills are eligible for the audit. Please contact us to determine eligibility.

For more information, please call Community Action Energy Programs at:
413-774-2310 or 800-370-0940

Community Action Energy Programs
393 Main Street, Greenfield, MA

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