Recently, our Center for Self-Reliance Food Pantry is feeding more families more frequently (1,500 a month- 29% of whom are children!) and we can't meet the need given the current funding. 

From November 18th through November 22nd, we'll be celebrating Double Dollar Days at the Center for Self-Reliance Food Pantry. Smith Brothers Insurance and Yankee Candle are matching all donations up to $7,000, doubling the impact of each gift and allowing us to feed the need at double the speed!


Community Action's Center for Self-Reliance Food Pantry in Greenfield is largest choice food pantry in Franklin County and is the front door to food access for local hungry families. Our visitors may come through the door in need of food, but they're leaving with more than just groceries. We're connecting folks with Fuel Assistance, financial counseling, job skills training & placement, family support programs and more. CSR is not a one-size-fits-all food pantry. We're working with each visitor individually to make sure they are connected with the food AND the resources they need to advance their situation. Your donation to the Center for Self-Reliance doesn't just buy a few meals for a family in need, your donation actually helps us change lives. 

Recently, our Center for Self-Reliance Food Pantry is feeding more families more frequently (1,500 a month- 29% of whom are children!) and we can't meet the need given the current funding. 


  • 40% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and could not overcome a $400 financial emergency, which is why we're seeing more families more frequently. An unexpected car repair can cripple a family. 

  • 1/3 of the food we distribute is fresh produce

  • 70% of those served earn less than $25,000 a year for a family of 4

  • We have 32 volunteers who donate more than 4,000 hours each year

  • More than half of our volunteers are also participants


Our volunteers and staff are changing lives every day and we're hoping that you're able to join us to celebrate their incredible work and help us raise awareness about this powerhouse of a food pantry many Franklin County residents have never heard about.






Help Us Strengthen Our Community...

With over 40 specialized programs, Community Action brightens the lives of over 30,000 of our neighbors in the Franklin, Hampshire, and North Quabbin regions. Our vastly diverse services offer a network of support for those living with lower incomes. From food and fuel assistance, to education and advocacy, our programs target basic needs while providing participants with the tools to help themselves. Every dollar of your donation will work towards strengthening the entire community.

With your support, Community Action can maintain its commitment to promoting economic justice and improving the quality of life for our neighbors in need.

At your request, we will award your donation to the program of your choosing.


Please make checks payable to Community Action and mail to:


Community Action

Attention: Jessye Deane

393 Main Street

Greenfield, MA 01301  


Community Action also hosts a wide-range of Volunteer Opportunities.

Community Action welcomes volunteers, and with over 40 diverse programs to choose from, Community Action hosts volunteer opportunities to accommodate all areas of interest.

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, please contact:

Jessye Deane, Communications & Events Coordinator at 413-376-1165 or email


For more information, please call Jessye Deane at 413-376-1165.

Help Us Raise $30,000 to Heat Up! Our Neighbors in Need!

This winter, more than 15,000 of our neighbors chose between heating their homes and feeding their children, but thanks to our 2018 Heat Up Campaign, and more than 300 donors, we have raised $47,000 to help warm the homes and hearts of our neighbors in need.

As the official LIHEAP provider for Franklin and Hampshire Counties, Community Action's Fuel Assistance Program helps to heat more than 12,000 local homes each winter, but since stomaching the $4.5 million dollar cut to LIHEAP funding earlier this year, Community Action's Fuel Assistance staff is struggling to meet double the demand with half the staff and half the resources.  Congress' chilling outlook on Fuel Assistance will literally leave thousands of local families out in the cold.

"While I feel fortunate to have my job, it's heartbreaking to shake the hands of our elderly applicants and meet parents with young children, knowing there's nothing more I can do to keep them warm this winter," said Betsy Hart, a Greenfield resident and three-year Fuel Assistance staff member. "I've met hundreds of our neighbors and I know firsthandthe difference donations can make." Not only is Betsy a Fuel Assistance employee, she's also a first-time Fuel Assistance client.

And she's in good company. Our Executive Director, Clare Higgins, knows that most of our Fuel Assistance applicants are working families unable to combat the high-costs of home heating with fixed low-incomes.

"Our friends and neighbors need our help.  After the Halloween storm, many of us endured living without heat for a few days. Just imagine living like that all winter," says Higgins. "Fortunately, this year's temperatures have been fairly mild but we live in New England---the worst is yet to come! Elders and families will go without food and forgo lifesaving prescriptions in order to keep from freezing. "

To make a donation to Heat Up!, please make checks payable to 'Community Action' and mail to:

Heat Up!

393 Main Street

Greenfield, MA 01301

For more information about Heat Up!, please contact:
Jessye Deane at 413-376-1165


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