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Heating System Repair Program

The Heating System Program is available to all Fuel Assistance-eligible homeowners. The program can pay for emergency heating system repairs, which eliminates the need to obtain and pay for an annual service contract. For systems that are unsafe/inoperable and not repairable, the program can usually pay for entire system replacement. For systems that are inefficient but still operable, we can often replace when funding and time allows.

Community Action will call the heating system company with an authorization, and the company will bill Community Action directly for the work.

During the heating months of October to (about) April:

~During regular business hours, call 413-376-1115 and leave a message. This line is checked often throughout the day.

~During non-business hours, call your regular servicer and ask if they have a service contract with Community Action (not just a Fuel Assistance contract). If they do, schedule the repair and ALSO leave us a message. If they do not have a service contract with Community Action, call around to find one who does, or wait until the regular business hours to call us.

We cannot pay for a repair if the service company does not have a contract with Community Action.

Please feel free to call us to determine which servicer you should call in case of emergency.


For more information, please call Community Action Energy Programs at:
413-774-2310 or 800-370-0940

Community Action Energy Programs
393 Main Street, Greenfield, MA


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