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The ParentChild+ Program promotes school-readiness by involving children, ages 2 & 3, in educational play during home visits. The ParentChild+ Program emphasizes the development of parent-child verbal interaction as a critical component of early childhood cognitive and social-emotional development.

Trained Home Visitors visit families with 2 & 3 year old children twice a week for two successive years. In play sessions with the parent and child, the Home Visitor models verbal interactions and learning through reading, conversation, and play, using carefully selected books and toys which the family gets to keep. Home Visitors help parents realize their role as their children's first and most important teacher, generating enthusiasm for learning and verbal interaction through the use of the books and toys. Parents are encouraged to continue quality play and reading between visits.

The ParentChild+ Program is free and available to Greenfield and Turners Falls residents.

For more information, please call 413-475-1555

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