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Community Action Youth Programs' Shout Out! is a group of youth ages 14-21 who work together throughout the year to make positive change in their community. 

The youth who are part of the Shout Out! group have made pieces of art to raise money for two charities of their choice: Black Lives Matter Boston and the Transgender Emergency Fund of Massachusetts. If you donate just $1 or more to either charity, you will be entered into a raffle to win one of these amazing pieces of art! Check out the art and learn more about the artists below.


Pick one of the two charities to donate to. You can visit their websites to learn more about them: Black Lives Matter Boston & Transgender Emergency Fund

  1. Donate directly to the organization, and take a screenshot as proof that you donated. Make sure to include the amount in your screenshot so we know how much we have raised! Here are direct links to their donation pages: BLM Boston and Transgender Emergency Fund

  2. Then send us your screenshot. You can email it to us at or DM it to us on Instagram (links on our Contact page). Winners will be chosen randomly and we will mail a piece of art to you, anywhere in the continental U.S.



  • Each person may only enter once.

  • Please donate as much as you are able, but any donation of $1 or over will be counted!

  • Each donation will count as ONE entry, regardless of amount

  • Please include your donation amount in your screenshot so we know how much money we’ve raised!

  • Entries will be accepted until August 30, 2020.


Shout Out Fundraiser.jpg


Maeve is an 18 year old artist from Northampton. "I am very glad to have taken part in this project. I have learned through this experience that whether you are signing petitions, protesting, donating or creating and making your voice heard, no matter how big or small your contribution is, together change is possible."

- Maeve



Art by Emma, a 15 year old artist from Northampton. The beads on the front are from hanging it up.“I decided to make art for black and trans lives along with my group because they are such important topics that need support. So I thought by making art and having a fundraiser I could do my part in this. Each piece of art I made has a background of pictures of Black Lives Matter protests and trans protests. I thought it was important to capture everyone fighting for these lives, and if you get one, you are another person fighting for these lives.” -Emma​

Maeve copy.png


A 15 year old artist from Northampton. “BLM and help for Trans people is incredibly necessary right now. I feel like doing something such as creating art is the least I can do during this time. Art gets attention and these issues need all the attention they can get.” - Cayly

Maeve copy (1).png

Ja'siah & Eugene

Poem by Ja’siah, a 12 year old artist from Greenfield, and decorations by Eugene, a 17 year old artist from Greenfield. All the poems are the same, but decorated differently. “The whole poem idea came to mind because it was very important to talk about the unfair social injustice that both the transgender community and the black community experience, and I had an idea that I wanted to get onto paper but couldn’t envision the end result and so let my sister use her young creative mind and she came up with a master piece” -Eugene “I wrote this poem because in this world right now there are people of color and the LGBTQ+ community who are being killed because of their skin and being different. In this poem it’s trying to emphasize the hurt that they are going through. We are all human and shouldn’t hurt or kill those who look different than you I just hope that some day the world will see that us blacks and the LGBTQ+ community (and everyone else that is getting put down because their skin or because of different things) as the people that we are and not the twisted version that they think we are” -Ja’siah

Maeve copy (2).png


Art by Kai, a 20 year old artist from Greenfield. “BLM is important to me because I know what racism is like and I know how it feels to be discriminated against.” – Kai

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