Mediation provides an opportunity for individuals or groups in conflict to work with a neutral third-party mediator to seek agreements that all parties deem fair and realistic.

The Mediation & Training Collaborative seeks to make mediation affordable for all, and most fees to individuals are charged on a sliding scale based on participant income. Organizations are charged a flat fee. In consumer cases, mediation is free.

The Mediation & Training Collaborative offers a wide range of mediation services including, but not limited to, the following.

Divorce Mediation
Separating couples may reduce conflict, improve communication, and save time and money through mediation. Married, unmarried, previously married, and gay and lesbian couples can address issues such as division of assets and debts, child custody, support, and visitation. As a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court-approved mediation provider, TMTC can receive referrals from the Probate and Family Court. Parents involved in disputes related to their parenting plan may be eligible for up to four hours of mediation at no charge through a special grant administered by the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration. Fees are charged on a sliding-scale basis as indicated above.

Family Mediation
Through mediation, family members can listen to each other in new ways, get to the heart of conflicts which have grown unmanageable and reach agreements which enhance their relationships. Couples, parents and teens, or adult siblings and elders have an opportunity to express concerns and hopes, decrease stress and come to new understandings as they explore difficult issues with the support of a neutral mediator. As a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court-approved mediation provider, TMTC can receive referrals from the Juvenile Court.

Consumer Mediation
Disputes between consumers and merchants or service providers, such as contractors or auto mechanics, can be mediated at The Mediation & Training Collaborative office or in Small Claims Courts in Franklin, Hampshire or Hampden County. Consumer mediation is offered at no charge through funding from the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General.

Workplace Mediation
The mediation of conflicts between co-workers or groups within an organization can lead to higher morale and greater productivity. Staff of large companies, family-run businesses, human serivice agencies and schools can all benefit from workplace mediation.

Housing Mediation
Landlords and tenants can use mediation to resolve payment, eviction, noise, repair or other issues rather than going to court. Mediation is also helpful for tenant-to-tenant and roommate disputes. When a tenant is at risk for eviction, landlord-tenant mediation is offered at no charge.

Elder Mediation
Mediation reduces stress and preserves or repairs relationships among elders, their adult children and care givers as they make crucial decisions regarding living situations, medical care, shared responsibilities and finances.


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