Training Services

The Mediation & Training Collaborative is dedicated to helping individuals, schools, businesses and community organizations increase their capacity for effective communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork. TMTC offers community, organizational and school training services.

Community and Organizational Training

Basic Mediation Training

TMTC offers 4-day (32-hour) and 5-day (40-hour) Basic Mediation Trainings. These highly interactive, hands-on trainings are open to individuals who want to increase their ability to deal with conflict or help others work through conflict.  Learn simple steps for dealing with fights or disagreements effectively, and gain skills and confidence in handling, and helping others manage, challenging situations.  Whether you want to be a formal mediator, or just to develop skills that you can use in personal or professional situations, this training is a great place to start!

TMTC Basic Mediation Training meets Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Training Guidelines; TMTC is a Massachusetts Bar Association-approved mediation training provider and court-approved community mediation program. Social work CECs and MA TAFL attorney CLEs are granted for this training. See additional training details in brochures developed for Upcoming Basic Mediation Trainings.

Individuals who complete TMTC's Basic Mediation Training are eligible to apply to join our volunteer roster of mediators who mediate small claims and other community cases.  TMTC also offers numerous continuing education opportunities for mediators and other conflict interveners throughout the year.  See Upcoming Trainings and Events for details.

"Generous, smart, energetic trainers. Enthusiastic and insightful coaches. Beautiful, well-organized manual.I'm very impressed and learned a lot about mediation and about training methods. Thank you!!"  - Basic Mediation Training Participant

"This was a true learning experience for me, dare I say a transformational one. For a guy who has attended hundreds of training sessions in his career, I can count on one hand the ones that impact my thinking the way yours did." - Basic Mediation Training Participant

Divorce Mediation Training


An advanced mediation training focusing on the special legal and emotional issues involved in mediation with separating, dovorcing, or post-divorce couples. Addresses issues related to division of assets and debts, parenting, spousal support, taxes, intake, screening, dealing with high conflict and mediator ethics. Coached practice sessions provide opportunities to integrate knowledge and skills. Prerequisite: 30 hours of Basic Mediation Training.

"I would highly recommend this course to people who are entering this field. The wealth of experience of the trainers was evident."  - Divorce Mediation Training Participant

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Participants build on current communication strengths, explore ways to increase effectiveness and improve skill in handling conflict. Topics may include how to separate people from problems, speak for oneself, clarify issues, de-escalate a dispute, engage in win-win problem-solving, say no, deal with the anger of others, or handle one's own anger, anxiety and defensiveness. Each workshop is designed to fit the specific requirements of the organization or group. Skills addressed depend on the needs of the organization and the length of the workshop, which varies from 3 to 15 hours.

"More please! Effective communication is a tool that paves the pathway of advocacy, leadership, building relationships and community. We all need to learn this!"  - Communication Training Participant

Training For Facilitators

An interactive training designed to help participants increase skill in meeting facilitation. Participants learn to assist groups in getting beyond misunderstandings, value differences and hidden conflict in order to set mutually agreed upon agendas, deal with complex issues and create an atmosphere of safety where participants feel free to express individual and group concerns. Half to full-day training.

"Outstanding workshop which modeled what it taught - facilitating communication with respect, dignity and integrity. It was all I'd hoped for and more!"  - Facilitation Training Participant


School Training

Peer Mediation Training

A comprehensive 18-hour training for 20 participants (16 students and 4 adults) combining the skills and techniques of mediation with bias awareness and prejudice reduction in lively, interactive sessions which include role playing and small group work. Grades 4-12.

"Wow! Useful in every aspect of my life."  - Peer Mediation Training Participant

Conflict Resolution Training for Students, Teachers or Parents

Basic skills for managing conflicts in a simple four-step approach. Useful for school, home or neighborhood conflicts. One to three hours of training (can be taught in multiple sessions). Pre-K through Adults.

"Excellent. The trainers have been wonderful - smart, articulate, affirming, encouraging - a font of information and wisdom."   -Conflict Resolution Training Participant

Teacher In-Service Training

Introduces conflict resolution and mediation concepts to school staff, providing an opportunity for teachers and administrators to develop a common language and learn specific conflict intervention techniques. Workshops on integrating conflict resolution into the curriculum of specific grade levels are also available.

"In just one day, I learned so much. I was also reminded of resources and tools I already had and how I can use them."     - Teacher In-Service Training Participant

Conflict Resolution Theater

A lively integration of theater improvisation and conflict resolution empowers students to address conflicts positively.  Grades K-6.

"Useful skills that anyone could use in all walks of life."  - Conflict Resolution Theater Participant

Conflict Resolution Assemblies

"Conflict in Stories & Songs" leads the student audience through basic conflict resolution steps. Grades K-6.

"Great! I have lots of new ideas."  - Conflict Resolution Assembly Participant


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