We're happy to announce The Mediation & Training Collaborative's current training schedule, and encourage you to register for an event or two soon! Offerings include:

  • Public workshops: Introduction to Mediation Training (May 2020)

  • Mediator workshops: Working with Culture - Mediation Roleplays (Feb. 2020);

  • Divorce/Family Mediation Issues (Mar. 2020); Working with Resistance in Mediation Settings (May 2020).

  • Restorative Practices workshops for educators: Cultivating Youth Leadership for Restorative Practices (Mar. 2020)

  • Workshops through Holyoke Community College: Introduction to Group Facilitation(Mar. 2020);

  • Supervisors Dealing with Resistance and “No” (Mar. 2020)

  • Basic Mediation Training: Fall 2020 (location and dates TBD)

For workshop details:  please click here

To register:  please click here.

(Notes: 1) For Basic Mediation Training, a $100 deposit is also required to complete your registration, unless other arrangements are confirmed by TMTC in writing; 2) See additional registration notes included in Workshop Details document.)

To be added to our email list or for questions: Please email us at mediation@communityaction.us or call 413-475-1505.

To pay for trainings:  Training fees may be paid via check or money order .... 01379. We are in the process of updating our Paypal online payment options - please check back soon or contact us if you have questions related to online payments.