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Hey, I'm Vinny! I'm a Capricorn, life-long learner and workforce development buff.

Pronouns: He/Him

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 Vinny's Vision

Vinny's Values

  • A workforce guided by the lens of social justice

  • Life and job skills being a bigger part of public education

  • Naming what's hard and trying to work through it 

  1. Every job is a "real job"

  2. Life long learning

  3. Adapting to the learning styles of an individual or group

  4. Asking earnest questions/digging deeper

  5. Make learning applicable to life, and making it interesting/memorable

Vision & Values
About Me!

About Me!

  • Perpetually trying to make my cats happy

  • Grilling and/or mixing spices

  • Thrifting

  • Garden/Yard work

  • Watching a documentary

When I'm not working, I might be...

If I'm listening to music it's probably...

  • Avril Lavigne

  • On a CD

  • A parody I recorded

  • Riot GRRL/Girl Groups

  • The Bend It Like Beckham Soundtrack (Esp. if mowing the lawn)

Vinny's Faves

  • Number: 8 or 24

  • Animal: Kitties of all shapes and sizes

  • Movie Character: Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)

  • Color: Orange

  • Hot Drink: Black Coffee

Vinny's Pet Peeves

  • The Beastie Boys

  • Drinks that are too hot

    • So I wait...AND THEN THEY ARE TOO COLD....and then I microwave it

      • But then the MUG is too hot

        • So I switch mugs and put in an ice cube.
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