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Schedule a tax appointment for free

Having your taxes prepared by Community Action's VITA Free Tax Assistance program is convenient and accurate. Our IRS-certified volunteers can take the stress out of filing your taxes.

What does a tax appointment look like?

Step 1: Complete the eligibility screening to determine whether we can prepare your taxes

Step 2: Submit your contact info and schedule an appointment online

Step 3: Gather all of your documents such as W2s, 1099s, health insurance forms, and social security cards

Step 4: Check in at the tax clinic on the day of your appointment, and complete the intake forms

Step 5: Meet with a volunteer to have your taxes prepared

Step 6: Your return will be reviewed for quality by program staff, and you will have a chance to ask any questions

Step 7: Sign your return and wait for your refund!

I'm ready to get started!
Do you live in Franklin County, Hampshire County, or the North Quabbin?
Is your annual income below the amount listed for your household size?

One person, $33,975

Two people, $45,775

Three people, $57,575

Four people, $69,375

Five or more, $81,175

Did you live or work outside of Massachusetts at any point last year?
Did you have any rental income last year?
Did you sell or inherit any stocks or bonds last year, including use of apps such as Robin Hood or Acorns?
Did you have any debt forgiven or cancelled (such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure) in 2022? 
Did you have any military, foreign student, or international income last year?
Great! You can move on to Step 2 below
Sorry, we can't help you with your taxes. If you have questions about eligibility, you can call us at 413-376-1136
Start Over

Step 2: Submit your contact info and schedule your appointment

Please enter your contact information on the form below. This helps us keep track of who is scheduling appointments.

Fill out the form before hitting the next step button!

Next Step

Where would you like to schedule your appointment?

Please call 413-376-1136 if you need help

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