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Help! I forgot my password, how do I get into Taxslayer?

Step 1: Use password TRAINPROWEB Step 2: If you are having trouble logging in, check your account information. Your user name is usually your email, not the .noho or .gfld username for Taxslayer Pro Online Step 3: If you think you have everything right and still cannot get in, go through the password reset process

What info do I need for the Senior Circuit Breaker Credit?

Taxpayers are generally eligible for the Senior Circuit Breaker Credit if they are over 65 and have housing costs, like real estate tax or rent. You can find more information about eligibility here: To complete Schedule CB for a state return, you will need to know either: How much the taxpayer paid in real estate taxes AND how much they paid for water and sewer AND the assessed value of the home OR How much the taxpayer paid in rent AND the name and address of the taxpayer's landlord

Message to taxpayer when return is ready for QR

We have prepared your return and are in the process of reviewing it. We will call youwithin the next 2 weeks or not later than May17th to review the tax return and gather your signature. You will receive a copy of the return at that time. If you have any questions, responding to this message is the best way to get in touch with us. No action from you is needed at this time. Thank you! Community Action Pioneer Valley VITA Free Tax Assistance

Message to taxpayer if you called them for intake and they didn't answer

Hello [Taxpayer Name], Sorry we missed you during your tax appointment time! We tried to reach via phone from the number (650) 449-4147. We will attempt to reach you again during one of our tax clinics, Monday –Thursday evenings between 5:30 and 8:00 pm. If you have a preferred night for us to try again please reply to this message to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate. Thanks! The team at Community Action Pioneer Valley

Message to taxpayer before you review their documentation for an intake call

Hello [Taxpayer Name]! Do you have time for a phone call to review the documentation you submitted for your 2020 tax return? Thanks! [Your Name] with the team at Community Action Pioneer Valley

How do I send a taxpayer a link to upload additional documents in the Hub?

The links to upload additional docs are unique to each taxpayer. There are two ways to find or generate this link. 1) Review the message history, find a link generated by GYR, and copy/paste it into a new message. These links are often preceeded in a message by the text "Respond to this message if you have a question or come back later and upload documents at this secure submission link" 2) Start the proccess to update the status to "info requested", locate the link in the auto-filled message, copy the link, press the BACK button on your browser (do NOT press send and complete the status update), and paste thelink into a new message in the Messages tab

What should I name this file?

Put the important information first! 13614-C that you have updated after an intake call: UPDATED after intake 13614C 13614-C that you reviewed and corrected for preparing a return: UPDATED for prep 13614C Supplemental intake form: Supplemental [Taxpayer name] If there are multiple W2s: W2 [Name of employer] If there are multiple W2s and filing jointly: W2 [Taxpayer first name] [Name of employer] Use this same format for documents such as 1099 G, SSA-1099, healthcare forms, etc. If a document is a duplicate or otherwise not needed: DO NOT USE [document type] When renaming documents, please make sure to update the document type as well

First message to taxpayer after ticket has been created

Hi [Taxpayer First NAme], Great job getting started with Community Action Pioneer Valley’s VITA Free Tax Assistance program with Get Your Refund! Replying to this message is the fastest way to reach us at Community Action. Please let us know how we can help! We look forward to speaking with you at your appointment time. Our volunteers will be calling you from (650) 449-4147 during your appointment. Thank you! Community Action Pioneer Valley


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