Board of Directors

Clare Higgins is the Executive Director of Community Action Pioneer Valley. An eighteen-member Board of Directors governs the organization.

The community we serve elects six of these individuals. They represent the lower income communities of Franklin and Hampshire Counties. Our other Board members represent public officials and local private businesses and organizations.

The elected members of our Board fulfill an important CAPV value: people who have experienced poverty should get to decide how to address it. We can only end poverty if our whole community works to do so. Our Board of Directors works to represent the whole community.

2022-2023 CAPV Board of Directors

  • Alena Bartoli------------------HS&ELP Policy Council chair
  • Wendy Berg-------------------Attorney (Retired)
  • Barbara Black-----------------Northampton Public Schools (Retired)
  • Ellen Cain----------------------Dept. of Children and Families (Retired)
  • Charity Day--------------------LifePath
  • Chelsea Depault-------------Greenfield Co-operative Bank
  • Lizbeth Del Toro-Mejias----Baystate Health
  • Gabrielle Field----------------Community Representative
  • John Hird----------------------UMass Amherst
  • Anita McConnell-------------ServiceNet (Retired)
  • Rachel McMahon------------Office of Rep. Susannah Whipps
  • Lewis Metaxas----------------Community Representative
  • Jennifer Moyston------------Community Representative
  • Maria Moreno-----------------Holyoke Community College
  • Natalie Spatcher-------------Community Representative
  • Alyssa Sutton-----------------Community Representative
  • Nellie Taylor-------------------UMass Amherst
We believe that engaging people with low incomes in decision-making and the overall direction of the agency is essential to our integrity and success.
Community Action Pioneer Valley Core Principle

Board of Director's information

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Our Board of Directors meetings are open to the public. Please contact Andi Porter at 413-376-1141 for more information. 

Click here to view Community Action Pioneer Valley’s Board of Directors Bylaws.

If you would like to learn more about our Board of Directors or would like to join our Board, please contact our Executive Assistant at 413-376-1141