Older Adult Home Modification

If you are a homeowner over 62 years old who receives fuel assistance you may be eligible. In partnership with Lifepath, this program helps elders improve general home safety through no-cost home modifications.
Joe & Betty Roy photo of actual OAHMP homeowners and OAHMP volunteers.


Joe & Betty Roy, OAHMP homeowners with OAHMP volunteers.

Older Adult Home Modification Program (OAHMP)

What we do

We help you live safe, independent, productive lives in your own home. We do this by installing home modifications at no cost to you.

Who Are These Services For?

OAHMP is for homeowners aged 62 and over who receive fuel assistance. Homeowners must live in Athol, Petersham, Philliston, Royalston, or Franklin or Hampshire Counties.

How do I sign up?

To sign up you can call 413-376-1163, and leave a message or email homerepairs@communityaction.us . Please leave your name, address, phone number and fuel assistance application number if you have one.

If you are not currently receiving fuel assistance, you will need to submit an application. You can decline the fuel assistance benefit if you choose to. If you live in the North Quabbin region, you can either submit your fuel eligibility letter or complete our program application.

What can I expect once I am enrolled in OAHMP?

Once we have confirmed your eligibility, we will reach out to you by phone or email to complete a survey. This survey helps us prioritize those with the most need and safety concerns.

We will schedule an in-home interview with an occupational therapist and the coordinator. This interview determines what work your home requires.

The coordinator will write up a work order and submit it to a contractor. We will coordinate with the contractor to get the work done.

The coordinator will inspect the work once the contractor finishes.

How do I connect someone else to OAHMP?

Anyone interested in OAHMP should call 413-376-1163  or email homerepairs@communityaction.us


Phone: 413-376-1163

Email: homerepairs@communityaction.us


Forms, Documents & Downloads

One of our many successful projects.

Contact us if you are eligible for home modifications that allow you to age in place.

Frequently Asked Questions about OAHMP

This program improves the general safety of your home through no-cost home modifications. We want you to continue to live safe, independent, productive lives in your own home.

You may still be able to get help from the Older Adult Home Modification Program. Income guidelines are higher than Fuel Assistance. Click here for more information.

The work is free to the homeowner. OAHMP is allowed up to $5,000 worth of work in a single home.

The work in each home depends on the needs of the homeowner. We will use an occupational therapist to identify what to prioritize for each homeowner.

Work we can do includes:

  • Stair rails

  • Grab Bars

  • Toilet Lifts

  • Bathtub cut-outs

  • Pathway lighting

  • Stair treads

  • Temporary Ramps

  • Tub/Shower transfer benches

The participant must be the homeowner, must be 62 or older, and must be living in the home to be eligible for the OAHMP program.

Occupational therapists help people live independently. They do this by helping you identify areas of living that are difficult for you. They work with us to make changes in your home so that you can live safely and comfortably.

It will take about 6 months from the time you complete the phone survey to the time the work in your home is complete. This time may vary depending on what work we need to do and contractor availability.

The OAHMP program cannot fix major structural issues or code violations because of the limit on how much we can spend.

If you need help with structural issues or code violations, reach out to your town hall or the Franklin Regional Housing Authority for assistance by clicking here if you live in Franklin County.

Let us install railings for ease and safety!

This is an example of an Older Adult Home Modification Project. Photo on left shows low handrails, no center rail and extremely dangerous conditions. Photo on right shows handrails built to Mass codes with center rail for safer use.
Older Adult Home Modification Program Deck Project, making deck stairs safer with handrails.