Programs for Young Parents

CAPV offers two programs specifically for young parents. They are called Healthy Families and the Young Parents Program (YPP). Both programs offer amazing support and connections to resources. You can enroll in one or both programs depending on your needs and interests! See below for descriptions and eligibility.

Choose a program:

Healthy Families


Healthy Families provides pregnancy and parenting support for young parents having their first baby.  We take time to listen because we care about what you are thinking and feeling.  We help you find answers to your questions and make progress toward you goals.   No judgement here; only encouragement and reassurance.

What does that mean?

You will be partnered with a “Home Visitor” who will get to know you and your baby by meeting with you regularly.  You can meet wherever you are most comfortable – at your home, in our office, or a place in the community.   Your Home Visitor will provide support and reassurance as you care for your baby.

Want to meet other new parents like you? We got you! We offer groups throughout the year just for young parents!

Who We Serve

Parents who:

  • are age 23 and under
  • are first-time parents (first baby)
  • are pregnant or have a baby less than 12 months old
  • are mothers, fathers, and gender diverse parents
  • live in Franklin County, Hampshire County, the North Quabbin, Chester & Ludlow

How Do I sign Up?

Fill out our Contact Form and our staff will reach out to you.

What's next?

One of our staff will get in touch with you soon and find a time to meet that works for both of you.  Your first visit can be in-person or on video call.

Our program is voluntary!  You can stay in the program until your child turns 3 years old. Then you will be a Healthy Families Graduate!

Do you speak any other languages?

Yes!  We have staff who speak Spanish

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413-475-1545 (Franklin County and North Quabbin)

413-387-1270 (Hampshire County, Chester and Ludlow)

Email: (Hampshire County) (Franklin County and North Quabbin)


155 Pleasant St, Northampton

90 Federal St, Greenfield

Forms, Documents & Downloads

Healthy Families Contact Form Sept 2022

Young Parents Program (YPP)


Pregnant and parenting youth and young adults up to age 24 who receive public assistance through the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA).


You work one-on-one with a specialist on your educational, career and family goals.

We use a whole family approach, which means specialists work closely with the DTA and community providers to help you get childcare and other services.


To join or hear more, please contact Rachel Bowles, the Intake Worker.

How is this program different from other home visiting programs?

The Young Parents Program (YPP) is similar to other home visiting programs in some ways. You have a visit once a week with your specialist, you set goals, and your specialist helps you make a plan to meet those goals, then supports you however they can as you work towards those goals.

YPP is different from other programs because in order to qualify, you have to be getting help from the DTA. YPP is also different because the goals you set are focused on you, your education, and your career. Other home visiting programs may be more focused on your kids.

Apply Today


Rachel Bowles, Intake Worker

Northampton Office: 155 Pleasant St.

Greenfield Office: 326 Deerfield St.

Forms, Documents & Downloads